Perhaps you’ve received feedback from your child’s teacher that they may be having some difficulty with their reading and their progress will need to be monitored. How do you know what to look out for at home? Our co-founder, Dr. Kay MacPhee shared signs of a struggling reader with Sheri from This Bird’s Day. As your child reads on their own or with you, or as they are speaking watch for these 7 signs:

  • Replacing one sound with another. For example, saying ‘baf’ instead of ‘bath’. When you ask them, did they mean to say baf or bath, they should be able to correct themselves and say ‘bath’. Then the mistake should disappear.
  • Skipping a syllable. Saying ‘puter’ instead of ‘computer’, or ‘difcult’ instead of ‘difficult”. Again, as they hear the word, they should be able to correct themselves properly, and their vocabulary should begin to grow.
  • By four to five years old, they should be able to say, and not just sing the alphabet. At late kindergarten to early grade one, your child should also be able to recognize the letters and tell you what they are.
  • As kids begin to speak, they will at first use one and two-word sentences, then they will eventually use simple sentences. Then as they grow, their sentences should become more complex like “If it rains, we will not go outside.” As this happens, watch for small clues like saying “I want a milk” instead of “I want milk” or “he go to store” instead of ‘he goes to the store.”.
  • By the time your child enters grade one, they should be able to understand and complete one set of three instructions. For example “Take off your coat, hang it on the hook and put your books away.”
  • Once your child begins to read books, you need to pay attention to how they are reading. They should be able to follow along as they read, locate words, and eventually read without prompts from the pictures.
  • Kids who are struggling with reading will handle reading and writing time differently. They may hide, freeze, cry, become angry, pick a fight, or they may become quiet and withdrawn.

Read the complete article and learn more signs of a struggling reader on This Bird’s Day.

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