Social Good Initiatives in St. Lucia

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My kids love to Skype with their grandparents who live across the country. We each sit in front of our computers and marvel that the technology allows us to have a conversation as if we were all together in one room, sharing stories and learning from each other.

I can’t even imagine how thrilled they would be to interact with children their own age living in a completely different country, but that’s exactly what’s happening through Ooka Island’s Social Good Initiative. Because of this initiative, students in Hillsdale, NJ are communicating with students in Castries District, St. Lucia right now about all the fun they’re having exploring Ooka Island!

Through the Social Good Initiative, Ooka Island partners their customer schools with schools located in a high-needs, low-resources area so that—true to the belief that ALL children can become fluent readers—the Ooka technology and learn-to-read program can help children develop literacy skills regardless of funding availability. Our most recent Social Good success story started with a teacher named Lisa Ling at Meadowbrook Elementary School in Hillsdale, NJ. With a paid subscription for 125 kindergarteners and first graders at Meadowbrook and an interest in helping others, Ms. Ling became an Ooka Island Champion. Ooka Island then donated a matching number of subscriptions (125) for students to use at Vide Bouteille Primary School in Castries District, St. Lucia, where the program could not have otherwise been purchased. Now students at these two schools, linked through this exciting partnership, are able to communicate through Skype and share the experience of learning to read together!

As Lyrill Arthur-Stanislaus, the Ooka Island Champion at Vide Bouteille, said, “Feels like prayers answered!” Ooka Island is proud to be able to provide children all around the world with the opportunity to become lifelong readers. For more information about the Social Good Initiative, contact Joelle MacPhee at 902-367-3616.

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