Just like you need a vacation from your work, children need to take a break from the traditional work of the school. It’s healthy to step away from the regular routines of life to focus on the world outside. Besides, just because your child isn’t practicing their math facts or spelling words, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. Children learn best through play after all and going on a holiday will enrich your child’s life.

Visiting museums, building sandcastles, experiencing different climates and cultures all contribute to your child’s life education. These experiences, in turn, help them make meaning when they are reading new texts

So should you bring homework with you on holidays? The answer depends on whether you are taking your child out of school or is it a standard holiday?

If you’re removing your child from school, then it might be helpful to bring along some key activities that they may miss such as a new spelling list or an addition lesson. Your child will see that their school work is important and missing it matters. If you have any of your work to do while away, you can even do it at the same time. Alternatively, you can set aside time upon returning home to learn the lessons. Be aware that every school board has a different policy regarding whether a teacher needs to provide work if a student misses school for a vacation.

Whether you’re travelling during the school holidays or not, we recommend bringing along books or other texts for your child to read and for you to read to them. Don’t forget to pack reading material for yourself! What better time than the holidays to show your child how pleasurable reading can be?

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