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For a fraction of the cost of a private tutor, Ooka Island develops confident and capable readers. Each Ooka Island subscription includes more than 80 hours of interactive curriculum with 85 ebooks and a personalized learning path.

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    Play month to month with the option to upgrade to a yearly account at anytime. Billing is recurring.

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    Accelerated Learning

    Become an Ooka graduate in 1 year with just 30 minutes of game-based learning 3 times a week.

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    The Littlest Learner

    The littlest learners can comfortably become strong readers at their own pace.


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We love this program. My sons ask to play it all the time. It is the best program I have found for introducing so many different steps to learning to read. It was well worth it and I would definitely do it again.
Christina, Parent OF 5 Year Old Twins
Ooka Island's Adaptive Reading Platform uses a learning algorithm to adapt to each child's progress. Kids learn at their own speed"
That’s an excellent product. The problem you’re addressing, literacy, and reading in particular are huge in our school systems right now. This is a much needed tool.”
Arlene Dickinson, Dragons' Den

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Do you store my credit card information?

We do not store any credit card information on our servers. All credit card and payment information is maintained and processed through Stripe, a certified and accredited payment merchant. See Stripe Security for more info.

Can I buy Ooka Island outside the US or Canada?

Ooka Island can be purchased and played from any location in the world! The Ooka Island store can accept payment via Visa, Mastercard or AMEX from any country. If you have any difficulty purchasing Ooka Island, please contact us.

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