Ooka Island exists to help children learn to read, so they can read to learn and take on the world. We are so excited to share that Ooka Island for Android is LIVE on the Google Play Store and now available in 136 countries!

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Built on 25 years of research, Ooka Island is a scientifically-proven, game based reading program which teaches your child the skills needed to become a confident reader.
Science has proven learning to read is a complex process requiring mastery of five foundational reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Together, these skills enable us to read effortlessly.

Learning to Read is Child’s Play

On Ooka Island, each child is a hero tasked with finding missing books and helping the Ooka Elves learn how to read. Over the course of one year, children unlock 85 books and play 1000’s of educational games — like summiting Alphabet Mountain or spelunking in the Cave of Sounds. Children as young as five can graduate at an early grade 2 reading level.
Learn to Read with Ooka Island for Android

Personalized Learning

There are 6,695 steps on the path towards becoming a confident reader — our adaptive learning platform ensures each child takes every one of them. It continually analyzes a child’s progress and plots a personalized path to ensure they learn at their own pace and if needed, receives interventions and accelerations.

A Weekly Reading Report Card

Each week, we send parents progress reports which provide a detailed snapshot of where their child is excelling or having difficulty in reading. This actionable information empowers parents to maximize a child’s learning off the island and to have meaningful and productive dialogue with teachers.

Progress Reports with Ooka Island for Android

Progress Reports with Ooka Island for Android


Make the Most of Screen Time

As a team of parents and educators, our goal at Ooka Island is to provide the best learn-to-read program for raising a reader. Whether it’s replacing a morning cartoon or designating a family reading routine, time on Ooka Island is time well spent. Send your child to the island for 30 minutes, 3 times a week and they will graduate a confident reader in one year.

Learn to Read with Ooka Island for Android


The Ooka Method

Ooka Island is the culmination of 25 years of passionate research and determination by Dr. Kay MacPhee to teach all children, including her own profoundly deaf son, how to read. After years of research, Dr. MacPhee launched SpellRead, a reading program for older children and adults. Dr. MacPhee’s program was ranked ranked #1 for developing reading comprehension by the Institute of Education Sciences.

Building on her scientifically proven reading concepts, Dr. MacPhee shifted her focus to tackle the root of the issue: helping children build a strong foundation for reading at an early age with Ooka Island.


Learn to Read with Ooka Island for Android

Download Ooka Island for Android from Google Play

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