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The Ooka Island Adventure is an adaptive learn-to-read technology for Pre-K to 2nd Grade. The combination of the innovative features below make it a powerful tool to accelerate the reading development of emergent readers as they move along the path to fluent reading.

  • Created by the founder of the US DOE’s top-rated program for reading comprehension, the Eye / Ear Reading Method┬árevolves around the five following fundamentals of reading: phonemic awareness, phonetics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
  • An adaptive learning algorithm called READirect that ensures skill mastery in reading for each student.
  • Comprehensive assessment and real-time progress reports provided online in the Ooka Lighthouse and organized into actionable data for multiple end-users.
  • An assessment tool called the Ooka Compass for students who already have a reading base to start them at the most appropriate level on the Book Path
  • A built-in E-Reader called the Popcorn Library packed with 85 carefully leveled and sequenced Ooka Island e-Books.
  • In a complete and rigorous program for beginning readers, approximately 80 hours of proven reading curriculum is presented to our youngest learners in a virtual world format with a heroic storyline and mission.

Additional Learning Resources

Ooka Island offers a variety of motivational tools for homeschoolers … and the best part is that – they’re free!

Print out copies of the Book Path to encourage children along their Ooka journey, or use Reward Certificates to congratulate them on their Ooka achievements. There are even free downloadable books available! All in our Motivational Tool kit below.

We also have the Ooka Tunes: Sing-Along Songs app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s full of fun and silly songs and stories from The Ooka Island Adventure with highlighted text to encourage reading along.

What are other homeschoolers saying?

WE have loved this program. My 5 year old twins ask to play it all the time. It is probably the best program I have found for introducing so many different steps to learning to read. It covers letter sounds, letter identification, sight words, consonant blends and vowel blends, reading comprehension, and more. I was a little nervous about the price, but it was well worth it and I would definitely do it again.

– Christina, Homeschooler of Twin 5 year olds

We purchased Ooka Island through a GroupBuy. My 5 yr old loves it! At first she was frustrated because she couldn’t play in the playground when she wanted but once she got used to the rotation she was fine with that. I like the idea that they have to finish their lessons before being able to have free play… I am very happy with Ooka-Island!

– Kris T., Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

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