Homeschooling Beginning Readers

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We are so excited that 100 new friends from The TOS Homeschool Crew have come ashore on Ooka Island to check out our early literacy curriculum. The TOS Homeschool Crew is a group of more than 200 homeschoolers who blog about their experiences with products available for their children, and we are thrilled to now be part of their family’s daily routine.  The partnership just launched and we’re already hearing great feedback from homeschoolers:

  • “My daughter actually did 2 lessons today she was enjoying it so much!”
  • “Thank you so much for your responsive customer service and awesome instructions, it’s working great.”
  • My daughter is loving it and it is hard to pull her away.  She especially enjoys the incentive of being able to dress up her character during free time.”

We know parents choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons, but a critical one is the desire for a hands-on, innovative, active learning experience.  Parents want to see their children master new skills and also experience the joy that goes along with skill-mastery.  Ooka Island’s cutting-edge online literacy curriculum provides both foundational skill-building knowledge and the dynamic fun of a hero mission, virtual game adventure.

So why is Ooka Island such a great fit for the homeschooling community?  Three main reasons: it’s a highly-engaging complete literacy curriculum that provides an individualized, independent course of instruction.

Targeted for early learners ages 4-7, the Ooka Island Adventure features instructional activities focused on phonological development that take the child out of the realm of everyday learning and places him/her right in the middle of an exciting quest to rescue Ooka Elves through Z-dooing, cake-decorating, bubble-popping, mountain-climbing, and roller coaster-riding.

Along the way, the child is also exposed to the leveled and sequenced series of 85 books providing language-rich text and activities. This combination results in reading skills at the early 2nd grade level upon completion of the Ooka Island adventure—no other materials are needed! (But we do have a series of free downloadable workbooks for all of the books in the Popcorn Library.)

It’s important to note that each Ooka Adventure is customized through Ooka Island’s READirect technology, which ensures that an individualized instructional path is created for each child. While all adventurers must demonstrate mastery at each level of the phonological and reading comprehension activities, READirect offers differentiated instruction by re-routing activities in different sequences and combinations appropriate for the individual child as s/he progresses through the game.

Throughout the entire adventure, the child works independently, and progress can easily be monitored through the real-time reports available in the Ooka Lighthouse. For the home-schooling parent with more than one child, keeping track of progress is easy, and knowing a child is getting just-right instruction while working independently, makes teaching time more productive for everyone.

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