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Eye/Ear Reading Method


With over 80 hours of leveled and guided reading activities, the Eye/Ear Reading Method is the curriculum that secures skill mastery in the five pillars of reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The Eye/Ear Reading Method helps children learn to use both their visual and auditory skills to master the building blocks of reading.  Research has shown that solid reading results can be achieved in just 8 hours on Ooka Island.

The Eye/Ear Reading Method is embedded into the system and includes 562 meticulously scaffolded phonological skill activities and a built-in e-Reader packed with 85 leveled and sequenced Ooka Island e-Books. The program aligns with the US Common Core State Standards and is effective for all children emerging into reading for the first time or for those who are already in the early stages of reading.

With the Eye/Ear Reading Method, children become readers by using a blend of learning with their eyes and ears. They develop essential concepts of print at the text, word and phoneme level. They come to understand that words are made up of individual sounds. They learn to hear these sounds and associate them with letters and then to blend them together to make words. Thus they break the code that speeds them through the foundational levels of reading development and beyond.

As these skills are acquired, students learn to apply them as they go through the language-rich Ooka Island books, a leveled and sequenced flow of books that follow recurring characters in every day situations. Through this process, and using their own language knowledge, children emerge into reading, acquiring new vocabulary and reading for meaning, right from the beginning of their literacy learning journey.

Eye Ear Reading Method

Underneath all of the fun and adventure on Ooka Island, there is an innovative learning algorithm called READirect that guides each child through the Eye-Ear Reading Method. As READirect continuously adapts to different strengths and weaknesses, each child experiences a unique learning path to skill mastery. Because children are learning at their own pace, their confidence and motivation remain high. The adaptive programming keeps them working at an optimum level where they are challenged without being overwhelmed in a fun, interactive, game-based learning environment.

As the graphic above shows, Ooka Island’s Eye/Ear Reading Method simultaneously combines phonological / phonic development with language-rich text and activities to achieve reading comprehension and fluency.



The Eye/Ear Reading Method was developed by Ooka Island Founder and President, Dr. Kay MacPhee, a lifelong educator and reading researcher of 30 years. Dr. MacPhee’s first reading intervention program was recognized by the US Department of Education’s, What Works Clearing House, as the top program in the U.S. for developing reading comprehension. What Works Clearing House is the leading authority in analyzing results of educational programs in the United States.

Dr. MacPhee teaches children how to read by focusing on the processing of the 44 sounds of the English language, in combination with meaningful reading experiences. Her methods have been used to teach over 25,000 children to become efficient readers.

View Dr. Kay MacPhee’s reading research and publications, on which the Eye/Ear Reading Method was based.