e-Books and Printed Books for PreK-2

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Ooka Island Print Books and e-Books for Children at John J. Sark Memorial Elementary School!

With the combination of the fun Ooka Island adaptive technology and the engaging Ooka Island book series, young learners are reading well before they realize it! Watch the video below to meet the kindergarten class at John J. Sark Elementary School and see why they love learning to read with Ooka Island books!

Ooka Island books are available in e-Book format in the Ooka Island Adventure and also in print copy as leveled readers.

Ooka Island books are written with natural language so that the child understands that reading is simply conversation in print. Strong picture support in each book aids comprehension. And from the very first, the books have a storyline rather than repetitive sentence patterns. In each book, the main characters share their everyday experiences and draw young readers into their world. These recurring characters and their familiar life experiences quickly engage children in what they are reading and make it easy for them to use prior knowledge to help them break into reading.

All 95 original Ooka Island book titles are organized and carefully leveled along a continuum of increasing difficulty from pre-kindergarten to early second grade. Book levels are assigned based on language and vocabulary, book length, layout, illustrations, theme, and content.


On the Ooka Island Book path chart, children place stickers on each book they have read along the path. This encourages them to advance to the next reading level.

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