Learning to read opens a world of possibilities. It all starts on our Island.

Ooka Island teaches your child the skills needed to master reading.

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For Ages 3 to 7
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Literacy for All

You could say it’s our mission.

A combination of our 25 years of research and the ground-breaking teaching methods we pioneered—which garnered a #1 ranking by the IES—paved the way for Ooka Island, a digital reading tutor that is 100% aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Give Ooka Island to your child on any of these platforms, and we’ll let you know the moment they take off into reading.

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As few as 8 hours with Ooka Island will accelerate your child's reading. Here's how.

  • Individualized Learning

    Ooka Island is like your child's reading tutor, which identifies skill strengths and learning styles and continuously adjusts your child's learning path to build up the weaker skills before moving on.

  • Fun & Interactive

    With over 80 hours of research-based adventures, 85 ebooks, and 24 levels filled with characters, music and stories to guide their individual learning path, they'll never suspect a thing!

  • Feedback & Reporting

    Knowledge is power and we're putting power into your hands. With real-time reports, you'll know exactly where your child is excelling and where they need improvement.

Ooka is fun, but we're serious about reading

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Learning to read is worth talking about.

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That’s an excellent product. The problem you’re addressing, literacy, and reading in particular are huge in our school systems right now. This is a much needed tool."
We love this program. My sons ask to play it all the time. It is the best program I have found for introducing so many different steps to learning to read. It was well worth it and I would definitely do it again."
Christina, Parent OF 5 Year Old Twins
Child and Parent Playing Ooka Island

Coming soon to web, tablet and mobile.

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