Unlock the potential within your child to become a confident reader.

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For Pre-K to Grade 2

Our game based reading program teaches mastery of the five foundational reading skills through 80 hours of educational games and 85 eBooks wrapped in a 24-level adventure.

Send your child to the island for 30 minutes, 3 times a week and they’ll graduate a confident reader in 1 year.

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    Personalized Learning

    Each child travels a unique path towards becoming a confident reader. That’s why our reading program uses adaptive learning technology. It continually analyzes your child’s progress and plots a personalized path to ensure they learn at their own pace and master skills before progressing to the next level.

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    Research and Innovation

    Ooka Island is founded on 25 years of research and the scientifically-proven concepts ranked #1 by the Institute of Education Sciences. Through educational games and eBooks, our pioneering method teaches your child mastery of the five foundational reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

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    Weekly Progress Reports

    You want to give your child a head start in life by raising them to be a confident reader. Real-time progress reports are generated from your child’s visits and provide a detailed picture of where they’re excelling or having difficulty. We will also send you tips, reading worksheets and other free resources. Think of us as your partner in reading.

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Learning to read is worth talking about.

We love this program. My sons ask to play it all the time. It is the best program I have found for introducing so many different steps to learning to read. It was well worth it and I would definitely do it again.
Christina, Parent OF 5 Year Old Twins
That’s an excellent product. The problem you’re addressing, literacy, and reading in particular are huge in our school systems right now. This is a much needed tool.”
Dragons' Den
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One parent's solution that has helped many.

Ooka Island's adventure began 25 years ago.

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